A Strange Prayer in Our Culture

Check this Octave Prayer For Unity out, I found it on the Scacred Space Site.

Heavenly father, we are your church, a people on the way. We have a history, a long past of darkness and of light. Give us now, we pray you, a new future, and call us away from the certainties, the riches of this world in which we shelter, safely captive. Rather make us poor and insecure, displaced and free, so that we may once more hear your Gospel and follow your son.

Help us, Lord, to reach out to one another, and to remember that Christ is our peace, and that he has broken down the barriers that divide us.

Wooo – Call away from certainty??

Make us poor, insecure, displaced???

Obviously this guy did not want the plasma screen and lots of mates as much as I do…hmmm


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