My Lost Planet Shakers Post

I spent 2 hours on a massive post yesterday. I read and proof read, I looked to see if there was offence and re-looked. I finally posted it…and my server at iinet crashed as I posted and was down all night.

Thismorning I look for my Planet Shakers review and do you think it arrived on my blog?


So if you want my thoughts on Planet Shakers and my thoughts on the thought of those who have heard my thoughts or even the thoughts I have about their thought on my thoughts…then you had better ask me.


Bottom line –

I though Planet Shakers was a brilliant show, and lots will have been touched and challenged, maybe even saved.

I thought – “this is not my scene”, or even the prefered scene for me to take someone I was reaching out to.

I then thought I wonder which of my friends (true friends) would read that comment with a sense of sadness and think, “Oh well that proves Scott has gone backward or been negatively influenced”

Rather than “Wonderful, a person who has a different journey of connecting with God than I do, of seeing people reached for Jesus, I must meet with Scott and find our where he’s at, sounds interesting”

Anyway, the other post was an hour long read…

Which do you prefer to read?…Thank God for internet crashes hey?


One thought on “My Lost Planet Shakers Post

  1. They always say to do a second draft. Maybe God decided your first draft wasn’t what you needed to publish.

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