Lady Next Door

There was an old lady who lived in Joondalup…
The first I realised I might have a challenge on my hands was 3 hours after going to bed the very first night I ever slept in this house.
After returning the removal trucks we borrowed and saying bye to Matt my great mate who helped move us, I climbed into bed for the first time in my new Joondalup shack…3.30am
5.30am I awake to the sound of a mans voice next to my bedroom window! (note – my last house/first house, and the one I grew up in were corner blocks with no immediate neighbours)
The voice turns out to be the ABC radio announcer coming from the open windows from that ladys house not more that 10 feet from my bedroom windows.
Surly must be a one off thing, early Good Friday morning, a holiday thing…surly…
Today 8 months later, almost every morning since, she turns that thing on, opens up the windows, point the speakers out to my room between 5.30 and 6.30am light or dark. (not when it’s raining because the whole reason she does it is so she can be outside in her garden)

I have bad thoughts – Evil thoughts.

Sometimes I lay there thinking, she is old, no partner, no friends to talk about, she seems bitter, hates kids – This radio is her best friend, her partner, her…lover. Who am I to ask her to turn [him] off?

Maybe this is a challenge for me in this community. I wouldn’t confront her with it if I was not in good relationship with her. So maybe I need to hang out with her a bit more. Maybe get to the point where I can just bring it up in conversation. “Hey babe [she is about 65] – turn ya ABC down or I set fire to your rose garden”…no maybe not.

The upside is this –
One day I could stand it no longer, so in frustration I rolled over and tuned in my radio to the same station. (If you cant beat them…)
The announcer said “we are having a competition today, if you can be the first person to ring in and tell me the name of the country singer who is also a kids show host who turns 40 today you will win..blah blah”
I’m like wide awake – It’s Colin Buchannan!!
The rest is history, I won!
Thanks Lady next door!


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