Yeah yeah, I know everyone goes on a diet after new year. I am counting units, everything has a point score according to what it has in it, fat, sugar and stuff. So I am not eating anything between meals and this wine I have in my hand right now that Mr Matt bought me on his recent journey to the south is worth like a 1/2 of my desert allowance, so I skipped desert and am having 2 glasses!

Saving glass 2 for when Matt and Brenton come around so I can share!

It’s all about self control right?

My biggest issue is that I eat so fast and I remain hungry because my tummy does not tell my brain that it just got fed. “Extreem Eating” I call it. Eat so fast that your brain does not even know it.

I was convicted 2 times on one day from 2 seperate sources about eating slow –

  1. From my favourite preacher Mark Driscoll in CD 1 of his year long pilgrimage into Genisis. All about the way God designed us to move in rhythm with his creation. Slow, steady as she goes.
  2. From a book I am reading. “Making Room For Life” by Randy Frazee. All about the Hebrew Day Planner. SLOW DOWN AND DO LIFE TOGETHER OVER MEALS!


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