A Spiritual Experience

What do Fields of Gold, When We Dance, and Fragile all have in common? Yes you got it, they all have a “Sting” in the tail…Sting in my opinion is one of the worlds greatest musicians. I have none of his cd’s maybe one or two tapes from the 80’s somewhere still. But I spent the night with my mate Andrew watching ‘…all this time’ a DVD produced when Sting got the best musos he knew to hang out with him for two weeks in his stunning house in Italy and produce a CD/DVD. They film all the rehersals and interactions and interviews etc all in this amazing location. All of a sudden it’s Sept 11 and the planes fly in to the twin towers. The whole place has been set up for a big concert that night – Sept 11. You get their reactions and thoughts…and then you get the concert, a little more mellow than it was planed but respectful of the situation and none the less powerful Sting. “It takes more than combat gear to make a man…” – Deep!
I have to say his wisdom along the way was somewhat ‘spiritual’, it was a great watch!


2 thoughts on “A Spiritual Experience

  1. i saw that dvd about 2 years ago, and it made me wanna add it to my “must have” list. incredible musicians who make incredible music. deeply satisfying to sit and watch and listen. anyway – gotta go get my vespa (now now scott, if you think a swear word, you may aswell say it!!!)

  2. Yep he’s one of our favourites. I saw him in Sydney many years ago at the Syd. Entertainment Centre. The thing with him is he note only wites great melodies and sings great, his lyrics and metephor, are show great poetic insight. Add to that he lives in a castle on a lake which has to be pretty cool for muso.

    “I recognized the walls that I once made
    Had to stop in my tracks for fear
    Of walking on the mines I’d laid
    And if I built this fortress around your heart
    Encircled you in trenches and barbed wire”

    etc etc

    Might just get me that DVD you speak of!

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