Whilst in Tasmania next January hiking with the family I thought, why not do an extended Wilderness Walk with some mates.

I have invited a bunch of guys from Perth and Melbourne to come with me, 10 in all. Not all confirmed but at least 8 are.

We are doing a walk called the Mount Anne Circuit in the South West National Park. Mt Anne is the highest in the S/W park and although the walk is only 4 or 5 days walking, it contains some of the hairiest walking I have ever done. Should be fun!

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Best in full screen, and I am sorry it’s not in High Def, but you get the idea, we had some fun… I hope it lasts with the music, sometimes YouTube cuts them when you broadcast someone’s song with the clip!

Day 3 in Cambodia, the weather is humid very very Sticky! Our kids (3blond girls) are the main tourist attraction, locals just love them and point to them as if they have never seen blondies before. They even get cameras out and stand around and point. We are all getting along great, we are with the same tuk tuk driver each day- Siphan, he is great.
Off to see Joel and Chloe in the morning after sunrise at temples.

We spent Easter up at our friends place, a massive farm inland from Badgingarra, half way to Geraldton, WA.
It was classic country weekend with Go Karting Saturday and Mora speedway, sprint car championships Sunday night.
Sunday morning I was the ‘guest preacher’ at the little local church. We did a sunrise service and I was to see up a stations of the cross, but it was s wind we almost ran through the stations…so much for suffering for Jesus!! :)

I ran into an old mate in Broome briefly.
He was the head boy at Churchlands SHS the year before I rose to that prominent place of power myself :) I was on the student council under Steve’s leadership.
I would have to say he was a guy with amazing sensitivity and character, a guy who was able to have a great laugh and muck around yet was able to engage with you one on one at a deep level and left you feeling listened to and understood.
Steve has an Aboriginal heritage and now works in Canberra for Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS).
But here’s the thing -
Last night The Joondalup Thing had a guest speaker come, Ian Barnes from Murdoch Uni, he spoke on Global Warming and a believer’s response to all this stuff. It turns out he knows Steve well and has a high regard for him.
When I mentioned that to Steve in an email this morning he replied with the comment –
“I would have to say he [Ian] is someone who I have always regarded as a mentor and role model. In fact, I believe that he is one of the finest human beings I have ever met.”

What is THAT??? You don’t just say that stuff! “Finest human beings ever met”.
Imagine having someone say that about you?
Not that I am striving for everyone to say that about me, but imagine even if just one person in the world thought that about you, what an honour, what a compliment!

It just struck me as so profound a comment.

We had a great time up north.
I am yet to write a full report on he whole trip, but have uploaded a heap of my snaps on my Facebook site here.

Temenos (τέμενος) is a Greek word meaning “Sacred Space”.
I desire our new community garden to be just that, a sacred space in which our lives intersect with each other and with God as we journey together.
Not everyone in our little group in the northern suburbs will be keen gardeners, but my prayer is that we all might discover a safe, even sacred space in this dedicated block of land in Joondalup. Maybe a place of prayer, work, worship, mate-ship, a place of service and community – who knows!

Presently it is a pile a weeds, black sand and rubble.
Presently we are a confused group of dreamers not too sure if this dream will become anything like we have dreamed about, but willing to give it a go and willing to make the construction stage just as important as the ongoing seasonal stages of sowing and reaping.

We have decided to create a separate blog mainly for people connected to the garden in some way shape or another.
So if the community garden thing presses you buttons have a look.

A great evening with the family next door tonight.
Chris and His partner Nikki met many years ago down south when Chris managed a winery.
Upon departure he found he had accumulated numerous bottles of various varieties of wines.
Not being a drinker, actually not very much at all, the bottles have sat at his house accumulating dust, and no doubt in some cases – flavour and dollars!
Tonight he ducked back home and grabbed these two bottles a 92 and 94 Sandalford Cab Sav.
Unfortunately the 92 had ‘corked it’, gone off!
But the 94 was a treat! Note the genuine finger prints in the real dust…hmmm authenticity.
We had a fun night, these guys are great.

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